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Samantha Khan Sharing Her Amazing Results
Kelly Morgan sharing how she achieved consistent 5 figure months
Anita Wong talking about her successful launch
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And we will spend 30 minutes talking about your next steps to your limitless Potential and find out if we are a good fit. I only have 11 spots open so secure yours now!


// Business And Mindset Strategist For Women Change-Makers

I have been working with Sarah for the last 12 months and the words can’t quite express how much I cherish her expert guidance and work as Modern Day Shaman.

In terms of tangible results, we have doubled annual revenues over this period, and now I am working with Sarah towards multiple 7-figure impact this year and 8-figure impact over the next few years... which feels simply inevitable.

Why? Because I am a great client - and Sarah is PHENOMENAL coach.

Her ability to hold energy is out of this world, and her guidance pushes me to look exactly where I need to look to release yet another level of impact and growth. The work with Sarah stretches me at times a lot, but she is there to lovingly hold my energy while I - and my business - go through these changes.

I love Sarah limitlessly and cannot recommend her highly enough to those who are here to make a huge impact on the world!

Amy Bellart

// Aromatherapist/Healer

I had wanted to work with Sarah for a few months before it manifested, and our session was perfectly timed. I came to Sarah with a decade of shamanic work under my belt, during a time of transition, eager to experience Sarah’s method and to work with a female shaman. Sarah may be soft spoken on video, but wow, she is a spiritual powerhouse. She blew me away. Within minutes Sarah nailed, my “issue,” something that was the very core of what I sought help with. We took a journey to a particular lifetime to reclaim what I had given away.

What happened next was totally unexpected and quite frankly miraculous. In calling back the energy I had given away, I was gifted with a very powerful spontaneous initiation from an ascended master and a remembrance of who I was, who I am, and what I am capable of. Since our session, many wonderful shifts have been happening.

The most significant shift has been a sense of completeness. For most of my life I had felt that “something” was missing. I am now able to be present in the moment, in a way that previously eluded me. It is hard to explain, but I am no longer caught up in worrying about what is to come, or feeling antsy for the next “thing” to happen. I have a much clearer sense of myself as a Cosmic Being. I was watching the sunset illuminate the sky one evening, soaking up the beauty of it, as hues of gold, pink, orange and purple lit up wispy clouds. This clarity came, that I absolutely am a spiritual being, a traveler who is currently “hanging out” getting the Planet Earth experience, and I was filled with an incredible joy. That feeling was accompanying by an indescribable “knowing” about the vastness and variety of what the Universe has to offer.

Sarah is a master healer and teacher. I am filled with gratitude that our paths crossed and even as I write this am in awe of the work we have done together and it’s profound impact on my life. Sarah helped me reclaim a precious part of myself that makes going forward with my soul’s purpose feel effortless and comfortable. It has given me the clarity and confidence to truly see, understand, and to put my gifts out into the world. I look forward to continuing the work I have started with her so that I can more fully serve my own tribe.

Kelly Morgan

// Divine Feminine Life Coach

I found Sarah when I was searching for a new Coach. I knew that I needed to fully step into all my potential and that I had a lot of things holding me back. I had done so much work before yet still not gotten that full breakthrough. I knew that I had a deeply spiritual part of me that needed fully awakening and stepping into so I just instinctively knew that Sarah would be able to help.

Today, a year on, My life looks completely different. I am doing what I love and I am getting well paid for it. I feel like I am fully in the driving seat of my life now and I’ve fully birthed my work. I am so so happy. Before my income was up and down and now it is consistent. I feel like I can totally depend on my business. I feel so so happy!

On top of all of this, working with Sarah has delivered so much more than I expected. Really uprooting deeply rooted sabotage patterns, really helping me to step into my purpose, finding ways to communicate what I do as I found that hard before, money and flow. It has been surprising how deep the work goes and what we have uncovered. All of which has opened up space in my life for me to live more fully, more vibrantly, in wealth on every level.

If you are thinking of working with Sarah, stop not hesitate. You will thank yourself so much. Sarah is the real deal. I am so grateful to have met her and have worked with her and even though I’ve finished a year of working with her I will continue as I know it will bring more abundance, flow and deepness to my business.

Rebecca Kellogg

// Intuitive leader & guide

My apprenticeship experience with Sarah has helped me explore my connection to my inner and outer worlds brilliantly. Both from the standpoint of energy but also of bringing in greater compassion, expansion, and self-mastery. I made a conscious and consistent effort to give my best to this work and held a lot of space for it. I think it has paid off tremendously.

The benefits I've received include a greater level of self-knowledge of my own gifts, and a deeper understanding of how I can help others. I've been guided through many realms of energy by Sarah, and have felt myself step up into a higher level of confidence and mastery.

I've particularly enjoyed Sarah's support as I've navigated this process. She has an even-handed compassion that helps make even the challenging or confrontive aspects of personal development work feel supported.

Dr Tracy Timberlake

// MBA

Sarah has been so wonderful with helping me really tap into my intuition and stepping into my higher self.

I love that we have explored so much, from past present and future! Her gift of insight and energy work is amazing!

As a coach myself, holding space for clients requires a great deal of work.

I love my calls with Sarah because she does that for me. And, I always leave feeling fully centred, and ready to take on the world again.

I highly recommend working with Sarah if you're in need of some energetic alignment.


Adam Young

// Strategic Financial Planner

After having one form of coaching or another for 20 years It is rare to come across someone who can, in a matter of moments, decipher and interpret the challenges one faces and get the measure of blockages and challenges they are dealing with.

Sarah was warm and engaging from the off and demonstrated a significant depth of wisdom not often encountered.

I am at the beginning my journey with her skills, but would not hesitate to endorse and recommend her for anyone in almost any phase of their life!

Dr Shanequa Fleming

// MBA

I’ve had the ability to lead and inspire others to be the greatest version of themselves since I was a young girl.

However, as many women, at pivotal points in my life what IS natural for me became clouded by the filters of society that suggests women should “be seen and not heard.” So I muffled my voice.

Working with Sarah has helped me to clearly see the core and true essence of who I am.

I’ve embraced the great vision of who I am and the power of my calling to lead and support other executives and leaders to powerfully serve the world.

Cassie Hicks

Cassie Hicks

// Modern Marketing Spark

Evolve and Thrive is a fantastic guide to understanding yourself and accessing your higher self, to find the truth and answers you're seeking. It's well structured and highly practical and gives you everything you need to grow your business, and ultimately yourself.

With Sarah's guidance through vivid Shamanic journeys you learn how to tap into your higher self and bring a powerful new level of clarity into your life.

It's helped me understand why certain things in my business seemed hard, and a new way to approach them.

Thank you Sarah for this incredible and powerful gift

Brenda J King

//Clinical Psychologist, Intuitive, Healer, Guide

I just want to celebrate and say thanks to Sarah Ann Negus!

I've just completed her Modern Shaman Mastermind Lite. It totally helped me pull together the things I've been doing in a more comprehensive way and deepen my own personal work.

She truly works magic!

Then this morning, I woke up to the sound of an owl hooting. And Sunday evening I came upon owl feathers going to and coming from time spent in the back of my large yard doing some journaling and ceremony with the full moon and Elementals.

The owl feathers made me curious about the message that Owl brings. Owl is there for support when you are ready to uncover the truth and nothing but the truth, need deeper inner vision, and are ready to integrate unwanted and hidden aspects of your shadow into light. I think things are going to be interesting and rewarding in the next months for myself and my clients.

And while ongoing growth and development is a wonderful gift in and of itself, the work I'm doing spurred by this mastermind with Sarah, has also resulted in clients, income, and other tangible rewards. Sometimes these tangibles have seemingly showed up immediately and out of the blue.

Sashka Hanna-Rappl

// Creator of Soul Brand Marketing©

I’ve known Sarah Ann Negus for over a year now.When I first ‘e-met’ her, my inner soul stirred.

Something was there.

But I left it.

Sarah made the move to have her Soul Branded with my business, which I absolutely LOVED! And it helped me get to know her better too.

She has been a part of my circle for a while now, and I just recently signed up with Sarah as HER client.

I’m very self-reliant and have taught myself MANY things. But NOTHING can teach me what Sarah is taking me through.

You see, I cannot expand into my exponential unseen potential by myself, because I cannot see me, due to me being my own enemy most of the time.Sarah mirrors me and the way I expand is INCREDIBLE.

I have worked with and for MANY healers and coaches and each and every one is UNIQUE and I’m ever grateful.

This level with Sarah is only recommended for those who KNOW beyond a shadow of doubt that they’re destined for Leadership that’s going to change the world.

And where you need to get out of your way.

I’m so so so excited for those that sign up. Just when you thought you couldn’t go bigger, Sarah enters your life.

Anneliese McKay

// True Voice Content

Hi, I'm Anneliese and I first started working with Sarah after I did a couple of her free 5 day challenges last year and had results from them.

I won a one to one session with Sarah where the effects from that one session were so profound, I increased my prices by 5 times, and had three new clients at the new price within two weeks.

Sarah said she had an intimate coaching programme starting so I joined. The journey that you go on with Sarah is deep and since starting the programme six months ago I have learned a lot and had amazing results. Sarah guided me to lean back, stop doing, start really being, and working how I want to work in my business. I took more time out, started walking in nature more, and hardly 'did' anything in my business, but rather followed my 'flow.' In six months I have had 231% return on investment, my biggest month sales wise in my business in 5.5 years, and launched and sold my first Evergreen product.

I feel really good about myself, put me first and more importantly I know when to stop now. I don't push hard in my business anymore because that doesn't work.

Working with Sarah is a very special and unique experience, she gently encourages you through the hardest of challenges and deepest, darkest, feminine wounds and I highly highly recommend her. I know that I will be working with her again very soon to develop my own journey further, and uplevel the results in my business again.

Thank you Sarah



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