What are Abundance Seeds?

The term abundance seeds sounds very conceptual or metaphorical doesn’t it? But, it is something that accurately describes the first thought you have around a goal, a desire, a dream. It is the beginning of the manifestation process.

Abundance seeds are the idea, concept, wish, dream, desire, intention that you begin with when co-creating with the Universe. Abundance seeds when nurtured grow. They grow and manifest into your big picture of life.

Think of an oak tree, it is strong, tall, majestic. Its roots are deep and form a firm foundation for growth, its reach is wide and open, it bears fruit. It was once, though, an acorn. The acorn held the potential of the tree, it was its idea, concept, wish, dream, intention. And, with good conditions, rain, sun, soil and time that acorn grew into the beautiful oak tree that stands powerfully in the landscape. The acorn was the abundance seed of the mighty oak tree.

Your ideas and intentions are your abundance seeds. They are the beginning of the manifestation process. The one where you decide what you’d like to experience in your life, and you then set about making that real. Your big dream starts like the acorn, small, insignificant, almost unnoticed. Yet give it the right environment, nurture it and it will grow.

What do you need for your abundance seeds to grow?

1. A strong foundation.

The beginning of anything needs to have steady roots. Systems in place, practical experience gained all ready to expand. (The roots of the tree).

2. Nourishment.

They will need the right food. Investment of time, and resources so that growth can occur. (The soil the acorn is planted in).

3. Flow.

They will need to be open to change, be able to shift gear and be flexible. (The rain).

4. Energy.

They will need love, your energy and knowing that you will succeed. (The sunlight that feeds the leaves of the tree).

5. Patience and determination.

More than anything they will need to trust without wavering and be able to stay focused. (Time).

When I know I’ve found an abundance seed of my own I like to amplify my intention and the power of the Universe with a ceremony to help nurture them. I’m sharing that here with you.

1. Set your intention

That first thought, your abundance seed.

2. Build upon that intention.

What does your big dream look like, how does it feel, what will it feel like when you’ve achieved it. What benefits will it bring to your life. How will its manifestation help the World. (Note, even if your abundance seed is ‘earn more money’, this will bring more ease, peace and calm to you as well as freedom to experience more of life, this is what its is all about after all.. experiencing more of life).

3. Record your abundance seed on paper.

Write with a pen, from your heart onto paper.

4. Plant some seeds or a bulb in a pot.

I like to use Hyacinth bulbs or Sunflower seeds to do this, but choose what feels good to you. Plant your written abundance seed inside this pot too.

4. Plant some seeds or a bulb in a pot.

5. Write down the things you can do now towards your dream.

6. Write down the things that need to happen that are outside your control.

7. Place both of these under the pot of seeds/bulb.

8. Water the pot and watch the seeds or bulb grow.

9. Do something everyday towards the growth of your abundance seed. Towards the manifestation of your dream.

10. Celebrate every small step from abundance seed to the manifestation of your big picture.

Abundance seeds are your intentions and they are your dialogue with the Universe. Make them strong, certain, excited, grateful and determined. Let go of needing your dream to manifest in a particular way, be open to what comes towards you, co-create with the Universe. You do what you can, give the rest up to the big U and watch your abundance seeds grow and grow.

From acorn to oak!

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