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What are the Signs of Low Vibration?

what are the signs of low vibration-

The signs of low vibration in a person are many. They are all connected to a wide spectrum of feelings, all negativity based.

That is a very sweeping statement, isn't it. I did try to soften my approach here, but there isn't an easy way to say it. Low vibrational living is a direct expression of your emotional state based on your inner world and how you perceive your life, yourself and those around you.

Having a low vibration in your life, is different to low vibrational living. Let me explain:

Your vibration is your energetic frequency, it is the way you 'hum' to the Universe. This can change at any moment, day to day. To give you an example of what I mean, think about a time in your life when you were having a great time, laughing, joking with friends, then the phone rings, and you receive bad news, and your good mood is erased in a second. This is your vibration dropping.

For me I know that if I'm happy and joyful (I mostly live this way) it can all change if I turn on the TV and watch the news. Hearing about the plight of our World makes my vibration plummet, I can feel shock, fear, sadness all together in a rush, a low vibration of my energy without a doubt.

AND, there is nothing wrong with this. Responding to the outside world in the moment is living, it is experiencing all that we are and as humans we are a goodly amount of fear, sadness, anger, resentment, guilt, jealousy, anxiety, stress and need, to name a few of the low vibrational emotions.

These low vibrations can bring physical symptoms with them.

  • Experiencing tightness in the chest and/or diaphragm
  • Having rapid breathing
  • Finding you have shaking hands
  • Having digestive problems
  • Feeling a heaviness in the body
  • Experiencing physical pain
  • Tiredness
  • Headaches
  • Feeling nauseous
  • Having a dry mouth

These physical symptoms can escalate and lead to more chronic conditions that limit your life considerably. Such as constant migraines, auto-immune disorders, depression, chronic fatigue and panic attacks to name but a few.

While experiencing these symptoms and emotions the responses made to the situations in your life will be made from a low vibrational place, often not helpful or 'bigger picture' views of life.

You may recognise some of these:

  • Feeling that you are a victim in a situation
  • Feeling judged or judging others
  • Feeling stuck as fear holds you hostage to change
  • Feeling that you need to control everything around you to feel safe
  • Giving too much of yourself as a way of feeling worthy
  • Hearing an inner dialogue of mind chatter
  • Working yourself to the bone or to burnout to prove you can succeed
  • Exploding in anger over little things
  • Holding resentment through fear of speaking up about what you believe
  • Mind reading what others may be thinking and acting up on your 'mind reading'
  • Taking everything around you personally

For the record, I'll repeat here, that low vibration is a part of everyday life, as are high vibrations, and is an energetic response to emotions, thoughts and beliefs. Our tears are as valid as our laughter, our hunger and tiredness as normal as feeling energised and satiated. BUT, living with constant low vibration can take you into low vibrational living which is something else completely.

Low vibrational living means looking at life through a pair of dark and dirty glasses rather than rosy ones. Or with the proverbial glass half empty as opposed to half full. Low vibrational living is when the sunshine rarely shines and when it does its too hot. It is when the rain brings flood instead of life giving water and when a breeze turns into a hurricane destroying rather than gently changing the air.

Low vibrational living can change. Actually, and this may be controversial, low vibrational living is a choice. Perhaps an unconscious one, but a choice no less.

So today, if you've recognised any of the above, decide to notice what is going on within you. The next time you feel your vibration drop ask yourself:

  1. Is this response valid?
  2. Is there another higher perspective here?
  3. Does this feeling, emotion, perspective serve me?
  4. Can I let this go?
  5. What can I do to choose to lift my vibration and feel better now?

As with everything in my life, I journal all of this out of me. I gives me my own accountability partner in the terms of the pages of my writing and I get to see months later how far I've come in shifting my vibration day to day.

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Kevin - 22nd August 2017 Reply

What a fantastic post. we stopped buying newspapers as we would feel ‘down’ after reading the doom and gloom, there are also some TV shows that made us feel the same way. It’s interesting how these can influence us so profoundly and it’s not until we step back and see what the common factor of this feeling/situation is can we address the cause.

I love your 5 solutions and as a positive thinker find these to resonate well with me.

Thank you for sharing

    Sarah - 22nd August 2017 Reply

    Thanks for your feedback Kevin. You’re so right in that so many things can influence us profoundly. I’m the same with different TV shows and the newspapers and some magazines. Doom and gloom spreads doom and gloom, so much better to look at the beauty around us and feel up lifted.

Kristin Craft - 24th August 2017 Reply

Hi Sarah,
I just wanted to reach out to a fellow INFJ, who perceives the world in energy, and let you know that I’m here with you on the same mission! .. to help raise the vibrations of this world, starting with the co-creators in it! I REALLY loved your post about the frequency of Abundance! (Is your abundance frequency vibrating on lack?) I couldn’t have written it better myself! (applause) I look forward to learning more from you along my journey! Infinite blessings to you!!

    Sarah - 29th August 2017 Reply

    Hi Kristin, thanks so much for your comment and for taking the time to read my writings. So glad they resonated!

Lizzie - 25th August 2018 Reply

A great post with some really helpful tips, thank you for sharing <3 I am a Yoga Teacher and when I am vibrating on a low frequency but I still have to take my classes, it can be twice as hard as I really have to force it to get through them- which in turn plunges me deeper into negativity as I want to be completely authentic and honest with my students. The most helpful thing to me is the 'CAN I LET THIS GO?" because more often than not, yep we can, life is too short and there is so much beauty and wonder all around us. xxx

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