What Bought You to a Career as a Spiritual Mentor?

I began my career in the 1980s at the London investment bank S. G. Warburg and Co. It was fast paced and pretty wild but very rewarding — at an exciting time when the old-fashioned ways of the City were being replaced by hard-nosed capitalism. But following burn out and a bout of depression, the breakdown of my marriage and chronic fatigue, I reassessed my life and began training in traditional and non-traditional shamanism, psychology and the impact mindset has on how we live.

Traditional shamanism is practiced by indigenous peoples throughout the world who follow ceremony and oral tradition passed down through their family and culture. Nontraditional shamanism is a spiritual philosophy shared in our world by western people. Its ethos is a search for knowledge through personal experience — not only external experience but by exploring inner awareness.I combine some of the traditional practice and ceremony of this ancient art with modern psychology and mindset – hence my term ‘Modern Day Shaman®’.

My aim is to bring this alternative method of living into our culture. I believe it is the missing link that will bring purpose, meaning and an inner feeling of success to our way of being.

I expanded my work to focus on helping businesses in 2013, after I was finding that increasingly my clients were coming to me with problems and challenges which related as much to their time in the boardroom as their personal lives. What they didn’t realise is that, very often, the two are intertwined. I work with my clients to identify challenges at work, explore the things that hold them back and identify patterns in the way they think, behave and communicate, before re-framing these in a positive ways and enabling a different perspective that facilitates aspirational leadership and effective communication. .

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