What Does Abundant Living Mean?


For me abundant living is a way of being. It is an important mindset, belief, core value, whatever you label it, abundant living is my way of life.

It means being able to see beyond the limitations of our culture, or the learned beliefs given to us by our parents and loved ones. It means seeing the wonder of our Earth, Sky and Universe and leaning into all of the things that we take for granted that are absolute abundance right there, right now in front of us.

I'll list a few abundant things:-

  1. A home to live in.
  2. Transport, car, bus, train, ship.
  3. The electricity in your home.
  4. The water in your tap.
  5. The food in the supermarket.
  6. The contents of your kitchen cupboards, wardrobe, garage.
  7. The words in all of the books you have read.
  8. The things you have learned in your life so far.
  9. The internet.
  10. The TV and radio.
  11. A field of meadow grass, with millions of plants co-existing.
  12. A garden of flowers.
  13. A wood full of trees.
  14. The ocean full of life.
  15. The jungle teeming with species of plants and animals.
  16. The human population.
  17. The sun’s energy.
  18. The solar systems in our galaxy.
  19. The galaxies in our Universe.
  20. The cells in our physical body.
  21. The thoughts in our mind.
  22. The ideas that come to us.
  23. The love that exists all around us.

Our abundance is actually limitless, if, and it is a big if, we are able to receive it.

Abundant living is a way of being that opens your energy and life up to the infinite possibilities that are there for you.

Ok: that all sounds fine and dandy, but it also sounds conceptual, right?

Well, yes and no.

The concept is that to live an abundant life you must first feel abundant and that comes down to feeling worthy and of value, which chunked back leads to feeling good enough, or not good enough which seems to be the human condition.

When we realise this abundant world and its energy of love, magnitude and creative expression is our birthright we can step into that feeling of being OH SO WORTHY and ABSOLUTELY GOOD ENOUGH because we are the Universe expressing itself, feeling into the infinite possibility of life, then we can call abundance to us.

Let me be clear here, abundance isn’t money, although lots of money does actually help us experience all that life has to offer. Abundant living though is not tied up in the energy of money, it is connected to your energy of self love.

I haven’t always lived this way…. in awe of the Universe and all the things that are created daily through me, for me and are possible. For a very long time in my life I lived feeling completely in lack. I felt poor. I was a victim to this lack and to the situations that found me. Even though I had a lot of ‘things’, my inner belief of not having enough pervaded everything I did, the worst part being that back then I wasn’t conscious of this core belief.

I found myself comparing what others had to myself and deciding they had more, then feeling jealous or hard done by. There were times – of which I’m not proud – when I made fun of others because they were seemingly doing better than me. It felt better to denigrate their achievements back then rather than step up myself. I lived in victim mode, feeling powerless to change things and blaming the outside world/people/situations on my own feelings of lack. I was barely living, merely existing in survival mode. I had no idea or understanding that the life I was living was created by me and was based on how I unconsciously valued myself and ultimately on how I received love.

You see, abundance is the energy of universal love. Love is the make-up of the Universe and everything we experience is a variation or distortion of this vibration. And, I, was vibrating with the inner core belief that I wasn’t worthy of love, that I wasn’t good enough to be loved and that I had to be something other than myself in this life to just survive. I was living in LACK big time.

Before reading any further, check in with your own energetic meter and honestly work out are you living in lack, either big time, small time or mediocre time. Or are you living abundantly?

If any of my story here today resonates with you, then I’d say that you know the difference between your own feelings of lack and abundance and you know that living abundantly far surpasses living in lack. You will also, I’m sure, have an understanding that this ‘lack’ can creep back. I have found every time I shift in my life to achieve a new goal, to manifest a dream, little reminders of lack living rear their ugly heads to remind me to choose abundant living.

Abundant living is choice.

To help you choose here are my top tips for abundant living...

  1. Look around you and become aware of the abundance you already have in your life.
  2. Lean into gratitude for all that you already have.
  3. Feel inspired by the success of others – know that it is there for you too.
  4. Know this inspiration will ignite the flow of abundance within you.
  5. Celebrate all that you receive on a day to day basis.
  6. Acknowledge your ‘lack’ gremlins.
  7. Love these ‘lack’ gremlins for their teachings, and them show them the door.
  8. Know without doubt that you are the Master of your energy and what you believe within you will manifest in your life around you.
  9. Track your energetic exchanges, what you give and what you receive, ensuring you receive.
  10. Decide that you are abundant

Ultimately, abundant living comes from within. Your core belief that you are the Universe expressing itself and that you are an amazing creative power, seeing, feeling, sensing like no other, AND because of that ll that you can dream of is yours because you are loved and love.

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