What Is Shamanism?

Why the Healer’s Healer?

You all know me as The Healer’s Healer and Modern Day Shaman but what does that actually mean?

The term Shaman is said to originate from the Tungun tribe in Siberia and refers to one who can see beyond the veil. In the indigenous people of the world the medicine man or witch doctor or wise woman of the village have strikingly similar methods of healing, even cultures that are quite different and who have been separated by oceans and continents for thousands of years still hold the same ancient techniques which they use to achieve and maintain well-being and healing for themselves and members of their community… ‘Shamanism’.


Amazonian Shamans

I have experienced the Amazonian Shamans and spent time learning from them. I spent 12 years as an apprentice to Vivien Kay who is renowned throughout the world to those that know Shamans.

I am not a Shaman in the traditional sense of the word as I wasn’t born into an indigenous culture in the Amazon, nor was I initiated into the practice by a forefather before I turned 30.

Shamanism, somehow though, is innate in me.

As I grow older and build my self-awareness and open up to my spiritual connection the shamanic way grows within me too.

In Shamanism, the maintenance of one’s personal power is fundamental to well-being and this is the basis of all of my healing work.

A Shaman is able to shift between these states of consciousness at will –

so from everyday ‘how are you and what are you doing’

– to connecting deeply with another’s energy and channelling healing..

Universal Power

To bring a person back to themselves, to find their core being, their connection to spirit, their connection to our Earth and to realise their own power within our Universe. Not the power given to them by someone else, not the power felt when in control of something or someone else but the power that comes from being truly authentic in the moment, being free to your true self in any given moment.

When working shamanically we shift from our everyday consciousness into to a trance like state, or an ‘altered state’. In that altered state our conscious mind is quieted, its need to analyse, understand and have all the answers swept away. In an altered state, symbols, animals, mythical creatures, distant dimensions, alternate universes, higher realms, elementals and earth energies are all available to us.

A Shaman is able to shift between these states of consciousness at will, so from everyday ‘how are you and what are you doing’ to connecting deeply with another’s energy and channelling healing.

A Shaman, works on the physical body, the emotional well-being and the esoteric body, all of these are inter-twined. The physical body will not heal unless emotional well-being is addressed and spiritual truths brought to light.

Modern Medicine

Modern medicine works the other way…healing only the physical body when it is screaming in pain or disease trying to show us that something within is desperately wrong.

So my ‘Modern Day Shamanism’ comes from looking beyond the veil, entering an altered state of consciousness to access insight and healing, it comes from spending most of my time in ‘trance’ when working, and by utilising the angelic realms, your personal guides, inner child, past lives, your shadow and anything else that comes up.

Because I live now, my methods also involve practical actions to bring the insight, healing and inner knowledge into this physical plane and make changes, if that means changing what you eat or what you drink, removing toxic relationships from your life or simply taking time to care of yourself first these all embed the healing you will receive.

The Healer’s Healer

The Healer’s Healer comes from my ability to work with other energy workers still with my shamanic hat on and help them (by bringing them more into their own power) expand their own gifts and capabilities. With this work there is a ripple effect, I help another healer and he/she can help more of their clients to the best of their being.

If you haven’t experienced my work and would like to, I am offering half price sessions for new clients.

PM and lets chat and get you booked in!

Love Sarah

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