What is Success Consciousness - Sarah Negus Spiritual Mentor


Do you ever find yourself measuring your success based on the money in your bank, your business, the car you drive, the house you live in? Or how well your new product launch went?

What if i told you that if you changed the way you perceive success you would actually open up a HUGE level of potential that you didn’t know you had

What if I told you that no one ever again will think, feel, taste, touch, see, hear and know like you do.  No one ever again or ever before will be you.  Let that sink in.  You being you is pretty amazing, in fact it is a miracle.  That is success, you are success, and when you know that in your bones that your lived experience is success you will be leaning into success consciousness… that knowing of success within your heart and soul and being.

What if you stop playing the game as a winner or loser, but start playing the game of life , you play the game as a contribution, someone who gains knowledge of themselves as they experience life through their own perspective and filter, someone who takes knowledge and experience and finds wisdom.

You then become a magnet to the things you want. Energy attracts energy

THAT is Success Consciousness!

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