When You Are Ready The Teacher Will Appear

Sarah Ann Negus, born in 1967 in South London to a working class family, her mother an immigrant of Italian descent, her father the only child of a family of market traders. Sarah has one younger sister. She left school at the age of 15, worked in the City for a number of years before marrying and having one son.

During her marriage she worked as a volunteer visiting troubled children held on remand and after her son was born trained to teach Pilates.

She has been teaching Pilates since 2004, specializing in rehabilitation of injury, she has developed a unique electro-magnetic healing process based on the premise of self-healing, she is now divorced and living in London.

From an early age Sarah was able to feel others emotions, she has a knowing of another’s experience, is able to access their physical/emotional and past life history but suppressed this gift throughout her childhood and early life – it was only during her 30’s – after a personal crisis and the breakdown of her marriage that she began to explore her spirituality and psychic abilities.

“There is a saying ‘when you are ready, the teacher will appear’ – obviously at the age of 34 I was ready, a chance encounter led me to meet Vivien Kay, a world renowned healer and psychic counsellor, who in the space of 30 minutes changed my life forever. In effect, she saved me, picked me up, shook me down and in her unerringly straight forward manner took me on a journey of self-discovery that has metamorphasised my whole existence.”

“She opened me up to my own abilities, taught me not to be fearful of the insight I had, but to use it productively to help others in their journey. My particular gift is my ability to access emotional and energetic histories through touch and telepathy, to facilitate understanding, acceptance and love of oneself – to find a different place from which to exist and move forward. In ‘hands on’ spiritual healing,pain is alleviated on every level, it is so powerful because the client takes responsibility for their journey, their healing, their life.”

Sarah is a Spiritual Mentor specialising in working with those in pain, physical or emotional. Using her unique approach she facilitates a journey within to bring unconscious patterns of behaviour or movement to the light, allowing them to be seen, understood and healed. Sarah guides the individual within to understand their ‘Now’, working on the physical, emotional, energetic and breath body of the individual bringing a new self-awareness, a new way of moving, a new way of breathing, a new way of processing emotions…….a new posture within which to exist.

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