Why a Modern Day Shaman® Will differentiate you from the crowd

You know what its like when you want to be different, when you want to stand out in the crowd but don’t know how to. Your newsfeed is full of what everyone else is succeeding in.

Everyone as far as you can tell is doing better than you and what’s more they’ve got a method, a sure fire way of creating success and you… well, you’re feeling decidedly less than successful.


It does happen.  Mainly because the comparison gremlin starts talking in your head about all the reasons why you are not making it. 

Now, I imagine (I’m mind reading here), that you are measuring your level of success on your available funds, on your financial freedom and how much less you are earning compared to the crowd out there that are shouting about how easy it is if you follow them.

I do agree that it is easy to create financial abundance, it is NOT rocket science, nor it is out of your reach, or out of your power.

BUT.. you don’t have to follow the crowd here, you don’t need to take the high road, nor the low road.

How about you take the road less travelled.

How about you go within rather than out.

How about you go differentiate rather than assimilate

How about you go left where everyone else goes right.

How about you become an energetic magnet for what you want, rather than an energetic block?

NOPE I’m not off my rocker, nor am I talking rubbish, or woo woo.

I am inviting you here to try something different.  After all I bet you’ve got strategies, metrics, a community, I bet you know your numbers and I bet you are constantly striving towards your goals.  You’ll be saying things like:

“I’m working towards it’.

“I can feel it coming’

“I’ll achieve it by the end of the year/month/week’

“If I just learn how to write good copy I’ll make money in my business’

“If I get out there 5 times a day with my message I’ll be seen and I’ll make money in my business”

‘I need to tweak my message/ideal client/why/how’

I’m working really hard so I know its coming’

And yes, have all of the business models set up as a way to  facilitate that which you want to achieve.  

BUT you can have all of these things in place, yet STILL not be achieving what you want to.

You feel like you are continually missing the point, the niche, the reason why you just can’t get to where you want to.

I hear you.

In my life, I’ve experienced many things.  One of the most pivotal times in my life was experiencing cancer in my early 30s.  Whatever I did it kept coming back.  I tried medicine, surgery and alternative therapies.  Nothing was shifting it, I was panicking.  How could this be?  I had a small son, he needed me, I wanted to live life, I wasn’t finished, I knew I had things to offer, to share.  How could this be?

I was missing a great big piece of the puzzle back then.  I didn’t understand that I was actually holding myself blocked, holding myself back and living a complete lie, where my inner world, didn’t match up to the life I was living.

So, to explain, I was living in a marriage, where I wasn’t recognised as myself, mainly because I didn’t know who that was either so I couldn’t show my then husband my true self and give him a chance to see me and shift and change to meet me.  Everyone around me in the family didn’t like me, mainly because I didn’t like myself, and although I had riches, a magnificent home, cars, holidays others would die for… I was literally dying because I hated myself subconsciously because I was living this fake life.

Now, this is any sort of sob story, it is a story of empowerment.  

Although it did take me a while to find my own power, as I was SO afraid of it, of being me, mainly because in the brief times that I had shown myself the response had been fear. 

The difference came in the form of shamanic journeying.

I have a strong subconscious mind, one that likes to keep me safe.  AND, I imagine (there’s that mind reading thing again), so do you.  

Your subconscious mind keeps secrets from you, it keeps hidden beliefs, and alter aspects of you just out of reach of your everyday, these shadow parts of you affect your thoughts and your thoughts affect the life you live, the business you have, this subconscious mind likes what it knows, it connects with the old you, the younger you, the scared you and the emotionally vulnerable you.  

Taking a journey into your subconscious mind via shamanic journeying takes you undercover, you skip past the booby traps laid down and you open doors that have been locked up for absolutely ever.. behind these doors you’ll find many many secrets, that when opened up lead you quickly, safely towards a new you, a better life, a more successful business and ultimately (if you want to) to become the master of your life, your mind and your energy.

I have a wonderful client, she is successful, respected in her community, financially affluent with strong relationships surrounding her.  Yet she was bored.  She knew she could be so much more, yet visibility scared her.  Being herself fully in the wider world gave her the chills.  She didn’t know why, you see she was YouTube famous so you’d expect that she was comfortable with visibility.. but no, it challenged her, and kept her in her comfort zone of success. 

We journeyed within her energy, to go and take a look on what was available to us, and low and behold a childhood experience that she remembered well but had rationalised as ‘nothing’ came through, so did the locked up emotion, so did the understanding of why it hurt, and why being visible was difficult.  Then came the acceptance and the letting go of the little girl’s view of being visible.  AND, then.. she stepped up and stepped out grounding what she’d learned within herself and is making waves in the World.

She’s not finished, she knows, she has big dreams and so do you.  

Go within, discover and master your inner world and let your unseen potential free.

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