Why a Fire Bucket is Essential to Your Personal Development


A fire bucket!? Essential to your personal development!? Are you Mad? Nope.. I’m Shaman. The fire bucket is what you will need to easily carry out a fire ceremony in your garden without setting fire to your house/shed/garage/pergola or outside furniture.

Why would you bother with a fire ceremony? Well...

A fire ceremony is a traditional shamanic process that helps you to let go of things that are unhelpful in your life. You know all those things that go around and around in your head. Those thoughts you secretly have, the ones that go bump in the night and then keep on banging and stop you from sleeping. The ones that tell you its easier to stay confined in the space of your life that you know, the ones that tell you that no one will listen to you, that your point of view isn’t valid and those most difficult ones – the you’re not good enough boogie man thoughts that time and time again seem to seep into everything you do and stop you from changing, shifting and manifesting a life that you love living.

Fire is a great transmuter of energy, when we burn wood/oil/coal anything actually it transmutes the energy of the fuel into heat, flame and smoke. The smoke rises up and drifts away. The native indigenous people use the fire to amplify the energy of your thoughts and intentions into spiritual vibration and send it into the aethers via the medium of the rising smoke. For them the ceremony of letting go, is a powerful one, their knowing is that the energy that made them heavy, or made them small or made them angry or sad, is changed forever by the fire and sent back to Source, no longer distorted by our human existence.

I’ve felt the power of fire in sweat lodges, in shamanic ceremony in the UK but never with such intention as when I took part in a fire ceremony in the Peruvian jungle, by the side of the Amazon river.

The fire was built, and set alight purposefully and with love. The timing around the Full Moon discussed and pondered upon, the circle of people were gathered together, each Soul honoured for his or her being, and then everyone joined together to lift the energy and bring us as close to the higher realms as we could be while grounded on the Earth.



We let go of the past with love, acceptance and forgiveness and beckoned in the future again with love, but with hope, excitement a n d commitment.

Most importantly, we then let go of any expectation of the outcome that this ceremony would bring, trusting the space created by letting go would be filled with creative power.

So hold your own powerful fire ceremony, take control of your own personal development, go and buy a fire bucket...

If you want to add another dimension to your fire ceremony choose a time of full moon or new moon building on the energy of the planets, but a fire ceremony can be held at any time, all you need is a flame and the feeling that you would like to bring change into your life…… Oh, and that fire bucket you’ve just bought.

Build a fire…. in the fire bucket, your outdoor fire is safe here, it won’t run riot amongst your precious things. Light candles to add further ceremony, I like to put these in glass lanterns to maintain their gentle light.

Write down everything you want to let go of, that no longer serves you, that you want to release as you move forward in your life. Set the intention to create some space in your mind, your energy and your life. De-clutter your head.

Be STILL… sit with that intention, fold up your paper and throw it into the burning flame in the fire bucket. Watch the flames consume it, follow the line of smoke up into the heavens.

Talk to the fire, tell it what it is you are letting go of. The vibration of your voice will intensify the energy….. Watch the fire take your intention and transmute it to smoke that is carried up to the ethers… LET GO… SMILE!

Know that you have changed forever, creating space within you to attract something new, something that will help you in your quest for a life that you design.

Then….write down everything you want to create in your life in the coming months, your dreams, abundance, everything you would like to manifest for your greater good, these are your abundance seeds.

Again, Be STILL…. Sit with this intention, fold up your paper and burn it in the fire bucket (your individual essential tool for personal development).

Talk to the fire, asking it to bring that which you desire for your greater good, activating your abundance, again the vibration of your voice will intensify the energy….watch the fire take your intention up into the aesthers…   



Allow the Universe to do its work…It has heard you.

There is no wrong way to do this, make it yours. A powerful intention for change, your fire bucket and the transmutation power of the fire. 

Make a commitment to the change you are calling in and take action towards your dreams, do it today, while the smoke of your fire ceremony still lingers in the air.

Come and join me too commit to my Activate Your Abundance in 7 Days Challenge.

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