Why it´s Important to go with the Flow

‘Oh, lighten up Sarah’ – used to be something I heard a lot.

‘There is no need to be so serious’… I was serious,

I was (and can still be) intense, I believed I had to work hard to earn a living, and I believed working hard meant that I had a purpose and a reason to be. Working hard was the way to be. I had seen my Dad do it, I was embarrassed when my mother was playful, I had to work hard to do well at school, work hard to get noticed in my job, work hard to make ends meet at home, work hard to make sure my son was doing well, be busier than everyone else to prove I had worth, and then learn every strategy I thought I needed to build my business because that was what entrepreneurs did…. right?

Wrong!……Working hard is a trudge, it is flat, it is exhausting. It doesn’t open your energy, or lift your heart, or encourage ideas. In fact working hard will end up burning you out and embedding the energy that you are not worthy of abundance.

Having fun, being in flow and allowing yourself to be curious about everything, including your challenges lets you lighten up. And when you do, you work less, earn more, smile all the time and become a magnet for your clients.

So decide upon a new strategy – have some fun for a whole day, doing something you love – then get curious about the direction of your life, play with ideas of how to build a more inspiring way to live.

Lighten up, play, have fun…. Let yourself live in the flow of life rather than the uphill struggle of life.

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