Why living from the heart leads to a more positive life, than living from your brain!

Our heart keeps us alive. On a purely physical level it pumps our blood around our body continuously, without us having to think about it. Energetically our heart chakra manages our loving emotions, for others and for ourselves and when we are able to synchronise our personal truth and speak from the heart then life gets good.


Furthermore, research in the new discipline of neurocardiology (The Institute of Hearthmath) shows that the heart generates the body’s most powerful and most extensive electromagnetic field. The magnetic component of the heart is 5000 times stronger than that emitted by the brain. It has also found that it is a center for receiving and processing information influencing perception, cognition and emotional processing.

It makes sense then, that negative and positive emotions change the pattern of this electromagnetic field and that sustained positive emotions give rise to a psychophysiological balance. The body’s physical systems become more harmonised, mind chatter and perceived stresses are reduced giving way to enhanced mental clarity, emotional balance, intuitive discernment and increased performance on every level.

So when we live from the heart, with our bodies, minds and intuition working coherently we enhance our consciousness, live more authentically, have healthier bodily functions, and perform better at work and at play.


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