Why Queen energy connects you to your own #SuccessConsciousness, how to harness it and why it is the energy of self worth

What is Queen Energy?


It is a deep knowing that you are loved, that you can allow others to serve you, that receiving is a must in your life, that you are revered, that you are exalted even and that you are a success in your being alive.

A queen, a pharaoh, an empress, they are born into their role, there is nothing in their energy that tells them that they are not ready to claim their own crown.  They step into their role fully knowing that their own life is a complete and utter success from the moment they are born until the moment they die. This is success consciousness.  This is queen energy.

When you claim your own crown and wear it fully, regally, knowing that whatever you do, however you breathe, however you are emote, whatever it is that comes through you, it is there because you are you.  It is there to help you grow, it is there to help you experience, and it is there to help you evolve.

After all, our own being, our own existence is for that reason.  To evolve and to make a difference to the greater consciousness.

Every thought that you have affects the greater consciousness and every thing that you do affects the greater consciousness. So, how much better to be in your own power?  How much better to be in that queen energy? 

Now, I don’t mean slash it and slay energy, the sort of queen that comes in and kills everyone for sport, who shouts “off with her head” and expects her minions to do her bidding.  I mean the queen that empowers by leading!

A queen is a leader, an empress is a leader, and a pharaoh is a leader, and it is a certain type of energy. It is feminine energy and offers the ability to allow others around you rise up in vibration themselves in order to emulate your self worth, self compassion and confidence.

I wonder, when you decide to move towards you dreams and desires, do you get stuck in doing? 

Do you overthink things, or attach to learning or external shiny objects…..

  • I just need to go and learn how to master selling,
  • I just need to go and understand how to write good copy.
  • I just need to go and work out how I can absolutely talk to my clients.

What you really need to do is put your regal gown on, put your crown on and stand in your own power of knowing that what you’re offering, what you’re sharing, is priceless for those that need it and for those that you can help!  Knowing that you are different (not better or worse), but absolutely unique from everyone else is part of this queen energy, it’s part of this success consciousness.

There is no being better than, there is no being worse than, there is no high vibration or low vibration. 


A Lion is not better than an Elephant, a Bee not worse than a Spider, a Whale not more than a horse.  All these animals are vibrations and they are all different each bringing different attributes to our World.  And that is what we do.  We are all humans, with different expressions of this human vibration.  

Queen energy and success consciousness is about vibrating to the finest of frequencies that you can in your human experience at any given moment.  It is a knowing, thinking, believing and living of success.

Queen energy is leading by being all that you are, trusting yourself, loving yourself, revering yourself, comforting yourself.

So, stop the hamster wheel of doing, doing, doing, doing, and even more, stop that inner dialogue of critique when you are not doing.  This doing, doing, doing you learned when you were small. You learned it at your mother’s knee. You noticed that whoever worked hardest and most was looked up to, answered to and given the utmost respect.  You learned that by doing you were acknowledged, by succeeding in outcome you were praised and that gave you a belief that by doing something (something you deemed to be what you think you should),  you would be be seen, you would be heard, you would feel worthy of being and you would be valued.

I have an understanding that what we learned back then when we were little actually overcomes our own innate knowing, that we are magnificent, we are regal, we are powerful and that queen energy gets hidden deeply within you. Overcoming your conditioning and shifting through your learned ways to survive is the way to find your own queen, empress, pharaoh energy.

In ancient Egypt, the Pharaohs were actually master shamans. They were taught through their family line to bridge between our human life and the spiritual realms.  That again for me, is part of the queen energy. Being able to be human, live now, yet connect with all that you can see for you life. Trust yourself so much that you can step towards it, even if it feels like you’re falling or faltering, you keep stepping forward and you keep underlining and underpinning the fact that everything that’s coming towards you is for your energy, is for your greatest good, is for your regality.

How to Connect to Your #SuccessConsciousness

Queen energy is part of success consciousness. Success consciousness is not based on outcome. Success consciousness is knowing that your being alive is success in itself.   If you understand as I do that what you feel and think and know inside of yourself comes towards you, can you get a handle on how powerful success consciousness will be for you?  It is the idea that your life is happy, wonderful, affluent, abundant, all that you need it to be right now in this given moment and that you can be so excited about your next break, your next step, about your next day. Yes, you’re going to have your ups and downs.  That is the Universal Law of Rhythm! And yes, there are going to be times when you’re feeling low, when you’re not very well, when you’re tired.

Yet if you have within you a knowing, this success consciousness, these periods get shorter, these periods get less powerful, and they are less potent in terms of flattening down your energy.

How do I know that #SuccessConsciousness works. I know this because my clients show me. My life shows me.

For example, last year a client sold out a $420,000 launch in a month. She was nervous about it before she began but truly stepped into her own queen and since then she has recorded a series with Forbes,  has been approached by a TV production company to host a series, and is writing 2 books.  More than that, she has cracked open her idea of the dream for her life and she can see very clearly where she’s going and let me tell you, it’s big.

Another client has created a unique healing modality and has taught it to 20 people in the last year. 

Another was bankrupt, about to close a company down and within six weeks had six big deals come in.

This kind of success consciousness changes lives!

It’s not rocket science…but it is the road less travelled.  You have to be brave – it is a courageous walk.  You have to be willing to take responsibility for yourself, for your life, for all that you have around you, and you have to cast off the cloak of victim.  Now, in our world it is so common, normal even, to be victim to the sun, the rain, to other people, to your circumstances, to your upbringing, to your culture, victim energy is strong in our western world and it kills the queen.

So as I say, you need to be brave, you need to be ready to cast off your inner victim and completely step into your inner palace, throw on your regal robes and own your own crown so that you can move forwards and make things happen in your life.

#SuccessConsciousness #ModernDayShaman® is a way of being, if you are ready to harness it, if you are ready for your bigger dream, if you are ready for your next level of experience email me and lets talk about how.

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