Why Shadow work is SO important to personal growth


Inner work, or as its called sometimes Shadow work is the answer to a lot of your challenges.

No… don’t roll your eyes and look to the ceiling.. Shadow work really is the answer to many of the challenging patterns that occur in your life.  Your Shadow, or your unconscious holds all the information of every single experience you have had in your life.  It is a hidden map of your life, your living of it so far.  Some things are so hidden you don’t even know they are there, you miss their relevance and are only given snapshots of memory around them.  These are your unconscious beliefs that create your perception of life.  By perception, I mean your ability to receive the external information coming towards you and decide whether it is negative or positive.  These unconscious beliefs actually stop you from being what you were born to be.

Let me use a little bit of Hollywood to make my point.  

The movie, King Arthur and the Legend of the Sword, directed by Guy Ritchie, I found  thoroughly enjoyable, I particularly liked it because it had a subliminal message.  One of hope, one of overcoming challenge and one of becoming great within oneself.

The main character, Arthur, had a purpose, his potential was huge, beyond anything he imagined.  He had grown up thinking he was an orphan, raised in a brothel, he had no memory of his origin apart from disturbing dreams, an idea of wanting to protect those that loved him and leadership qualities.  He wasn’t interested in a ‘big picture’, he wanted to look after himself and his own, and we was doing that, and doing it well with what he had around him.  (Does this remind you of anyone?… hint…. you!)

Greater forces were at work though, and they caused coincidences and serendipities until Arthur was given the opportunity to realise who he was.  He drew the sword Excaliber from the stone, tumbling him reluctantly into the spotlight, something he didn’t really want, nor was he ready for, the idea of such responsibility made him want to run the other way… (another hint… ever happened to you?).

He was looking away from his truth.  Refusing to see who he was, or the personal power that he had within him.  He was looking away because knowing his past and uncovering his memories of his childhood seemed too painful, his Shadow had hidden them deeply within him, because he wasn’t ready to see his path.  (any more inner nudges pointing a finger within you?).

He had to battle his way through the ‘dark lands’ to break his false self, the one he’d created in order to survive in the situations he found himself in.  He had to see his places as the one leader of people that would change the lives of many, and he had to embrace his own power and being.

The final part of his rising towards himself was facing his uncle, who had murdered his parents in the pursuit of power and riches.  This scene in the movie for me was pivotal.  When asked by his uncle what gave him his drive, his tenacity, his belief in himself he answered ‘You did’.  He acknowledged that without that early trauma and without the immense challenges his life had thrown at him he would never have grown to such a Man.  

He understood these great challenges were what shaped him and strengthened him.  He saw that by looking face on at his own inner demons/undergods and shadow aspects he was able to let go of the past, accept it and rise above it to a greatness he never imagined he would ever have, yet was always within him, hidden from view, he just wasn’t ready to see.  (This is you too…).

Now, the story of King Arthur is a favourite of mine, full of analogies, metaphors and magic.  AND, so is your life.

It is time for you to journey within to your own inner lands, so you can unlock the power of your Shadow and rise up to your own greatness.

You will be having nudges like Arthur did, a feeling of unease, impatience, a need for justice and fairness, an anxiety perhaps that there is more than you are experiencing.  

You may have been looking away (just like Arthur) and ignoring the signs, as if feels much more comfortable to stay in this place of holding. But, it is time now to change from mediocre, or just about good enough. It is time to pull out the stops and find the greatness within you.

Rise up and become inspired by how far you have already come.  Rise and and become all that you can be.

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