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This is more than mindset.
This is more than lip-service.
This is more than a quick fix.


Are you ready for even more success and impact in your life?
Do you want to receive more wealth and income?
Would you like more powerful and connected relationships?
Can you feel and see your next level – whatever that is?
Would you like to be empowered to create six figures and beyond?

Then YOU need to evoke your own inner brand of success consciousness.
This level of Success is not something found outside of you, it resides within, in your heart and in your being.
It brings deep meaning and fulfilment with it, together with a sense of purpose in your everyday living!

The 6 qualities of success are:

Self Knowledge


Welcome responsibility, ownership and completion to your cycles of life. And build a steady foundation for growth and development and next level vision.

Self Belief


 Go knowingly into the possibility and potential of your life.  Release imposter syndrome and live with the courage to trust your inner knowing always.

Self Trust


Be open, curious and in integrity.  Lean into your feminine energy of creation and allow your life and business to unfold and grow exponentially.

Self Worth


You are one of a kind, own the magnificence of that.  Allow your priceless nature to shine through in every action.  Use your masculine energy to motivate you as you journey into the unseen future of your life.

Self Compassion


Compassion is an amplifying force, it creates connection and a network of energy with others and when it begins with Self wields the powerful force of love and love is the very make-up of the Universe.

Self Love


The way of being that aligns to action and being. Success and failure is seen through the eyes of the beloved – YOU.  Watch how, when evoked purely, love changes everything.

These qualities lead to self-mastery!
The evolving state of being your Best Self.
Knowing SUCCESS comes from within.
Working with me will take you on a voyage to a different perspective of life, and how you live and receive success. It will take you deep into all you are, all you have been and all you will become. It is exciting, moving, surprising and powerful.  

1-1 Mentoring

3, 6 or 12 months private one-to-one mentoring AND my “invitation only” full Apprenticeship.

Every week we have a 45 minute session tailored specifically to you.

Email and messenger support between sessions

Sarah Negus sitting on bench wearing white blouse with red hearts.

Online Courses

My online courses are designed for those who aren’t quite ready for 1-1 mentoring.

Ideally suited to you if you are motivated to work at your own pace.

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My Client's Succeed...

From signing a deal with Forbes to film a series based on their work

To landing multi-million pound investors for a start-up

To doubling their revenue in 12 months

To achieving 7 figures

From saving a relationship about to divorce

To owning their need to separate and managing that with love and compassion

To healing their mother wound and finding a fulfilling friendship with their mum

Anything and EVERYTHING is possible with this work. BECAUSE, it takes you within, to your purpose and leads you to your Future NOW where SUCCESS is waiting.

Together we will:-

Emerge from Imposter Syndrome and be confident in your SELF BELIEF.

Let go of your ‘shoulds’ and RISE in full SELF-WORTH.

Say adios to serial academic learning to unlock your inner wisdom in SELF-KNOWING.

Stop pleasing others, define your boundaries and stand up in your own SELF-COMPASSION.

Define your needs and watch as they materialises in your life, living in SELF-TRUST.

Focus on yourself, whole-heartedly giving the Universe the signal that you are ready for success and potential in full on SELF-LOVE.

Lean into your intuitive power, we all have it, learning to listen to it is the key and facilitates a beautiful life full of ease and joy. As you live in SELF-MASTERY.

Which means:-

Your levels of abundance will multiply exponentially – Client T doubled her revenue to 7 figures in 12 months!

The cycles of boom and bust and calm and crisis will forever end – Client S let go of living with family crisis after crisis and received multiple 6 figures in one launch.

The patterns of worry, mind-chatter and negative self-talk will fade into memory – leaving space for new ideas – perhaps you’ll find you start something new as Client D did, securing funding along the way.

The distractions of your life will end as you find inner focus and clarity – Client A left corporate and earned more income in 9 months from her own business.

The feelings of frustration and anger will calm to confidence and ease – Client C forgave her past and found renewed love with her partner, ending years of battles.

Sarah Negus Logo.
Sarah Negus Logo.


The clear inner guidance will strengthen daily.

The understanding that your consciousness is the driving force in your life will land and empower you – another client changed her business model and is building.

A deeper meaning for your life will flood into your awareness.

Your purpose will widen and broaden and touch the lives of more.

Your impact will increase from the first day.

Lenka Lutonska

Strategy and tactics alone are not enough

Strategy and tactics alone are not enough to make it happen - it’s about who am I as a person, about how I use my energy!

"It is EXTREMELY rare to meet someone who is both Master of Energy, AND a sassy business woman.

This gives your coaching a whole new dimension. I know I can talk to you as much about internal matters as on topics such as P&L etc. While you might not think it’s business coaching, it is, you are offering very valuable perspectives.

The way you hold the energy throughout the coaching process is a unique skill. It’s one thing to say “We will do it together” and to REALLY do it together. I believe results of your clients are as much a matter of fantastic coaching and opening of your clients spiritual gifts, as much as you holding energy for your clients."

Lenka Lutonska
Limitless Millionaire Mentor
Ashley Pare

Big leaps...

"I have made big leaps in my business & life! Sarah’s work is so powerful, I have never come across anyone who has been able to marry the energetic world with the business world like she can. It has been amazing to work with her."

Ashley Paré
Leadership & Executive Coach, Negotiation Advocate & TEDx Speaker

H2 Heading

Sarah Negus sitting on bench wearing white blouse with red hearts.

This Is For You If:

You are ready to take full responsibility for your life

Understand that change happens within

Realise that change means you will have to do things differently

Are ready to be more than you are now

Want to experience a spiritual life

Love yourself enough to invest in yourself

Are excited for your future as you know you have power

Know you are always learning and growing

Are ready and willing to go deeply within

Will take aligned action

Are ready to expand your intuition exponentially

Are forever curious

This Is Not For You If:

You don’t like change

Are afraid of commitment

Fall victim to others

Blame situations or events

Want someone to fix you

Are stuck in the story of who did what to who

Think that’ it’s’ not fair

Believe that spiritual energy holds power over you

Are looking for a quick fix

Not willing to invest in you in time or money

Think that as a healer you don’t need to do any work on yourself

Know it all already

crystal ball in hand.

Find Out More About My:

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Private Mentoring

3, 6 or 12 Months Private Mentoring

45 minute session each week specifically tailored for you

Email & messenger support between sessions

£9,000 +vat per 3 months

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Invitation Only

Full Apprenticeship

Bring the Shaman within you to life

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Inner Circle of Success

A 6-week self study program designed to help you create more success and impact in your business and life

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Shamanic Lounge

Powerful Shamanic Journeys to bust through your conditioning and develop your intuitive power.

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