Did You Know you have Your Own “Inner Team”?

Your Unconscious

Your Consultant

Your Observer


These three parts of your inner world, used together will bring you to a place where decisions are made easily, where your path opens up in front of you and where your motivation to live increases tenfold. Hmmm… I hear you muse, what is she talking about?

Let me explain…

Your Unconscious, that part of you that keeps you safe, works through the right side of the brain, gives you tingles down your spine when something is right and deep twisted feelings in your gut when things are definitely not right. If you listen to your Unconscious, feeling how it ‘talks’ to you and get to know its signals you wont go far wrong. Your Unconscious will urge you on, bring creativity to your world and make you feel like you are invincible.

Getting in touch with your own Unconscious instead of ignoring it, is simple. Learn to respond to its signals, work out a ‘yes go ahead’ from a ‘no big warning’ signal. Listen to your body and open your mind to possibility.

Your Consultant, this is part of your internal dialogue. You know, the voices that talk to you that are in your head. There will be several, the one that tells you you haven’t done well enough, the cheeky one that laughs out loud when you make a joke, the serious one that wants everyone to just calm down…. And in amongst all these, is the voice that helps you work things out, that comes up with suggestions, that balances choices. This voice is your inner Consultant, this voice is a true ally. This voice needs cultivation, for this is the voice that translates the creative juices ignited by the Unconscious, this is the voice that gives you lots of choices.

So build a relationship with your inner Consultant. Draw on all the ideas it comes up with. Listen to your choices, and use the unconscious signals that you have become aware of to work out the best choice to make.

Your Observer, this is your ability to step out of a situation and look objectively at it. You can see and hear everything that is going on, but have disassociated yourself from feeling it. This is were you can see the whole picture, including your own part in it. This is where you can work out the common intention of all those involved, this is where your Consultant can come in with different ways of dealing with it and this is where you can decide, based on your unconscious signals, what it is that you want to do, or not do to change the situation and make it better.

If you would like to get in touch with your own ‘Inner Team’ quickly and easily, email me to arrange a free introductory call.
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